Rick & Lena

November 16, 2019Cleveland, OH, USA

The Wedding

Saturday, November 16, 2019
2:00 PM
Attire: Formal
St Stephen's Church
1930 W 54th St, Cleveland, OH 44102, USA
The Old Courthouse
1 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA
St. Stephen's Church
The Old Courthouse
Wedding Party

Josh Loveland - Best Man

Bro, Icelandic explorer, maple syrup connoisseur.

Phil Loeffler - Groomsman

Bro in Law (BIL) - Praline broker - Fortnite choreographer.

Matt Harrigan - Groomsman

BIL - Often found drinking GL Christmas Ale.

Matt Conklin - Groomsman

Childhood Best Friend, paramedic SQUAD goals.

Tanner Coffman - Groomsman

College roommate and best friend. Meghan's better half.

Mike Hedgebeth - Groomsman

Funniest guy we know. Meet him at the bar for some Jameson and sports.

Levi Palmer - Groomsman

OSU Fraternity Brother. Experienced in man-buns, bottle service, and dolphin calling.

Ben Leung - Groomsman

OSU fraternity brother + bro for life. Can bench press the weight of you and your mother. He's single, ladies.

Pat Gill - Groomsman

College best friend + business fraternity little. Will 1000% be dancing all night long.

Stephen Conklin - Groomsman

Childhood best friend. Tellestrations after dark mastermind.

Drew Degener - Groomsman

Childhood Best Friend. Movie extra, band member... yep he's the cool friend.

Ellen Dahlby - Maid of Honor

Twin Sister (smarter and older one), ND Grad, coffee expert.

Hannah Dahlby - Bridesmaid

Sister of the Bride, Sunday dinner chef extraordinaire.

Rachel Harrigan - Bridesmaid

Oldest sis of Lena, mom of Lola the dog, glam sister.

Anna Loveland - Bridesmaid

Sister to Rick, BGSU Falcon, will definitely say OKAY LADIES during reception.

Meghan Wilder - Bridesmaid

Tanner's better half. Down for adventures if they end by 10pm or include ice cream.

Emily Lesnansky - Bridesmaid

Best friend of Lena's since first semester freshman year! Goldendoodle momma and buckeye fan.

Elizabeth Yuan - Bridesmaid

Lena's roommate for over 4 years (and 3 homes!) Will be present on the dance floor the entire night.

Katie Cavoli - Bridesmaid

Bestie from childhood. Knows every word to Legally Blonde the Musical.

Sam E Dawson - Bridesmaid

Lil baby cousin to Lena!! IU grad (but we love her anyways). GO BUCKS!

Emmi Banner - Bridesmaid

Best friend from OSU! World traveling yoga master. #Namaste.

Carrie Shortman - Bridesmaid

Childhood bestie. CLE Indians #1 FAN! Golden retriever mama.

The Coolest. Parents. Ever.
Tish and Gregg Dahlby
Maria and Rick Loveland